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It was of great delight to me when I visited the property where Road Work was in its'  "infant stage". The new road had just been cut and I was anxious to see where the road would lead and what I might find along its' pathway. There were hills to 

CLIMB, a fjord to MANEUVER, and endless curves and bends. 

As I walked I began to parallel what I was seeing and feeling with the "ROAD of LIFE" - especially for Christians. We all have had to take 'DETOURS" in life which were unexpected with no advanced notice. While on THIS ROAD we often seek God's direction but it seems we don't get an answer or we don't have the patience to wait on it. We just pick the road that looks like it would be the easiest one, the one offering the least resistance. Then, when we look behind us, we can clearly see we took the hard road.

We need to stop, look behind us and realize that the decisions we have made in the past may not have always been the best ones. However, we are still walking AND we are still on our journey. There will be obstacles, Life will not always be easy. There will be hills to climb, rivers to wade through, and deep valleys to maneuver. No matter how challenging, scary, dark, lonely or hopeless we feel, we can be assured WE ARE NOT ALONE. GOD IS WITH US!

Along this new road there were huge deposits of debris. Trees, giant limbs, rocks, etc. were piled up alongside the edges waiting for removal. That's also part of the PROCESS OF LIFE. We must put aside and "get rid of" the things in our lives that block us or hinder us from being able to fully live in the present. The debris represented different things - addictions, relationships, sins.... As we learn to put these aside and remove them from our path, we gain FREEDOM from the past and confidence in our future. 

I went around one bend and abruptly the road ended. It seemed as if it had led to nowhere. I know it will continue with time. However, at this moment it just ended. You would think I would have been disappointed. But there, where this road so unexpectedly ended, was an entire field of colorful WILDFLOWERS in full bloom. It was breathtaking!! I was so overcome by the sheer beauty of it that I fell to my knees in humble thankfulness. This road had led me to the wide-open spaces of God's beauty, grace and presence. I was overwhelmed. I realized that this hard road I had walked had been worth it all. 

This place, Road Work is "holy ground". The peace of God's presence reigns on this property. His anointing flows freely. No matter what path leads you here, I trust you will leave refreshed, renewed and your spirit invigorated just as mine was that day. 

Thank you to the proprietors of Road Work Leadership and to my heavenly Father for this memorable day in the spring of 2016. 

K. Chavis

Gainesville, Georgia


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